• Unique, and playful ★★★★★
    This thing can make amazing and unexpected sounds. And the interface is incredibly inviting. If you have any interest in granular synthesis, particularly for melodic/harmonic work, this synth is great.
    By Cianoc123 for Version 2.3
  • Amazing Updates Still Coming... ★★★★★
    Useful sounds is what it's about and you can find them with this app. There is a ton of value added in this update.
    By ZenLizard for Version 2.1
  • Incredible App ★★★★★
    Like having my own CCRMA & IRCAM….this app and Stria are incredible..thank you Alessandro !
    By 2 DEUCES for Version 1.8
  • Granular heaven ★★★★★
    If you like soundscapes and audio textures this is your app.
    By TooMuchTo for Version 1.2
  • Awesome alternative to Grain Science ★★★★★
    Very unique sounding synth. Similar to Grain Science, but it has a few synthesis options GS doesn't have. I can't wait for this to get on Audiobus!
    By computer musician for Version 1.1
  • Great ★★★★★
    Fantastic granular synth. I can't wait to dig deeper. Yes, MIDI would be nice.
    By publicdoename for Version 1.0
  • The League Of Super Hero Sound Design Apps- ★★★★★
    Has just received it's newest member. Outstanding for an initial release!
    By vurnt22 for Version 1.0
  • Very cool grain synth ★★★★★
    Fun, lots of depth... Has the ability to import stereo samples for your mangling pleasure. Great effects chain. This is a well designed grain sampler. Thanks!
    By telepunken for Version 1.0
  • Awesome Sound Generator ★★★★★
    By angelo grover for Version 1.0


iPulsaret is rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices. iPulsaret is a new real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis. A genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: Grainlet, Trainlet, FM, time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, Live Input manipulation and many more. Control and shape grains, anytime, anywhere with iPulsaret for iPad. - 32 Polyphony Voices - Granulation Sources: Wave, Trainlet, Sample, Live and Harmonic - Grain Envelope Deformation - Grain Glisson Sweep - Grainlet Linkage - ADSR Note Envelope - Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad - Sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox AudioCopy etc... - Post FX chain: Echo, Ring Modulation, Lowpass Ladder and High Shelf filters, Reverb FDN and Dynamic Compressor/Expander - Capture Master Audio Output - Keyboard Musical Scales, up to 35 + User Defined Scale - etc...

Release Notes

+ Keyboard: fixes touch delay
+ Keyboard State/Presets is loaded properly
+ IAA Zombie fixed for Audiobus 3
+ Fixed Compatibility for modern devices
+ Sample Manager show file info
+ Opening DocumentsIn Support
+ Control Manager Search show correctly names
+ Grain Source responds to MIDI CC
+ Improved LFO performance in background
+ New Send/Receive jitter-free MIDI clock
+ Latest Midibus SDK
+ Latest Ableton SDK
+ Disable Auto-Lock Screen

App Details

  • Version 2.5
  • Created by apeSoft
  • Sold by Alessandro Petrolati
  • Released on October 9, 2012
  • File Size: 24 MB
  • Price: $7.99
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad