August 26, 2016



  • Unique, and playful ★★★★★
    This thing can make amazing and unexpected sounds. And the interface is incredibly inviting. If you have any interest in granular synthesis, particularly for melodic/harmonic work, this synth is great.
    By Cianoc123 for Version 2.3
  • Amazing ★★★★★
    This thing is truly a work of art. It gives you 5 different ways to generate sound and all 5 are very cool. I've been able to do sounds with this that i haven't on anything else i have (which is a sh*t ton in the VST world. I didn't know there was an ableton/max4live and also a standalone version but as i do much more with actual computers than my new ipad i will be getting these versions also. The one thing i'd like is a more detailed manual, i'm concerned i might be missing something, although it is quite intuitive to use.
    By CrystalAwareness for Version 2.1
  • Amazing Updates Still Coming... ★★★★★
    Useful sounds is what it's about and you can find them with this app. There is a ton of value added in this update.
    By ZenLizard for Version 2.1
  • Incredible App ★★★★★
    Like having my own CCRMA & IRCAM….this app and Stria are incredible..thank you Alessandro !
    By 2 DEUCES for Version 1.8
  • Granular heaven ★★★★★
    If you like soundscapes and audio textures this is your app.
    By TooMuchTo for Version 1.7
  • Granular goodness ★★★★★
    This latest update makes iPulsaret really great. The UI is much improved, and Audiobus support is great, especially since you can use iPulsaret in Audiobus' filter slot. Pair iPulsaret with iDensity and you'll be making sounds that no other iOS app can.
    By hypersleep for Version 1.2
  • Awesome alternative to Grain Science ★★★★★
    Very unique sounding synth. Similar to Grain Science, but it has a few synthesis options GS doesn't have. I can't wait for this to get on Audiobus!
    By computer musician for Version 1.1
  • Great ★★★★★
    Fantastic granular synth. I can't wait to dig deeper. Yes, MIDI would be nice.
    By thebananarepublican for Version 1.0
  • The League Of Super Hero Sound Design Apps- ★★★★★
    Has just received it's newest member. Outstanding for an initial release!
    By vurnt22 for Version 1.0
  • Very cool grain synth ★★★★★
    Fun, lots of depth... Has the ability to import stereo samples for your mangling pleasure. Great effects chain. This is a well designed grain sampler. Thanks!
    By telepunken for Version 1.0
  • Awesome Sound Generator ★★★★★
    By angelo grover for Version 1.0


iPulsaret is rated as a Killer App by Apps4iDevices. iPulsaret is a new real-time software capable of all time-domain varieties of granular synthesis. A genuine granular playground able to generate a wide range of usual and not so usual effects: Grainlet, Trainlet, FM, time/pitch shifting, time/pitch jittering, intricate textures, grain fountain/pulverizer, Live Input manipulation and many more. Control and shape grains, anytime, anywhere with iPulsaret for iPad. - 32 Polyphony Voices - Granulation Sources: Wave, Trainlet, Sample, Live and Harmonic - Grain Envelope Deformation - Grain Glisson Sweep - Grainlet Linkage - ADSR Note Envelope - Snapshots Presets Morphing Pad - Sharing common audio files via iTunes, Dropbox AudioCopy etc... - Post FX chain: Echo, Ring Modulation, Lowpass Ladder and High Shelf filters, Reverb FDN and Dynamic Compressor/Expander - Capture Master Audio Output - etc...

Release Notes

+ New Bluetooth A2DP High Quality
+ New Presets Manager Search Bar
+ New Control Manager Search Bar
+ New Samples Manager Search Bar
+ iPhone UI optimization
+ New ‘Save Preset As… in’ function permits you to chose a Bank where save it
+ Receive remote MIDI Clock, bug fixed
+ AudioCopy SDK 3.4
+ Midibus 1.38 SDK
+ Startup crash fixed with no Internet connection
+ IAA ZOMBIE bug fixed

App Details

  • Version 2.3
  • Created by apeSoft
  • Sold by Alessandro Petrolati
  • Released on October 9, 2012
  • File Size: 23 MB
  • Price: $7.99
  • universal This app is designed for both iPhone and iPad