• Extraordinary ★★★★★
    Amazing synth; the mix of time and frequency domain manipulation and the ability to host other effects makes this even more special than the really nice sound engine driving the whole thing.
    By Mullet Saison for Version 2.3
  • Awesomeness ★★★★★
    This is a killer if you love exploring new sounds this is IT!
    By Oldrumguy for Version 2.0.4
  • One of my favorite music apps ★★★★★
    Can do any sort of mangling right up to complete generative pieces. Love it
    By Industrialminded for Version 2.0.4
  • Holy f^{ ★★★★★
    Seriously, I've been looking at this for a while, but I could never figure it out enough to drop coin on it. Now with the sale, it's a no brainer!! The ability to assign LFO control to anything and everything should be in EVERY app (or so I've been saying for years). If you are familiar with apps or VST s like Turnado, you'll LOVE THIS especially if you've wanted more control than Turnado gives... The closest I've found is Glitchmachines stuff, but that's VST territory on desktops. How they can do this stuff, so antialiased, while I run Model 15, on an iPad no less is stunning...
    By MusixMonkey for Version 2.0.1
  • Feedback Sound Lab ★★★★★
    The addition of AU support makes this already great app even better. You can create various feedback loops and automate the mix at various loop points. Lots of fun to experiment with different app combinations. You can even host it inside Audiobus or AUM for even more sonic possibilities. All of the controls can be automated with LFOs or you can use MIDI. The color coding of the sound flow and the mini oscilloscopes throughout the app allow you to see how your changes are modifying the audio signal as it goes through the app. There are many useful built-in effects available too.
    By polarpaul for Version 2
  • mind blowing as well as highly functional ★★★★★
    This app is a thing of beauty. Yes, you can absolutely deconstruct and mutate sounds with it. But, it's also a powerful set of tools for sculpting and creating unique beautifully musical new sounds. It's a deep program and might seem overwhelming at first but it has a superb set of inline tool tips to assist and teach you. Once you get the basic concepts of how the UI works it's a real pleasure to use.
    By Montegoo for Version 1.1
  • More excellence in musical efx ★★★★★
    As with all their other products this one has become one of my major tools for sonic discombobulating. I can't recommend it any higher.
    By Dadakopf for Version 1.0.4
  • Amazing Noises, now more so ★★★★★
    What just happened!? Nothing like this in iOS, maybe nothing like this on planet earth? Start with it as a synth Or start with it as an fx unit Or start with it as a sample (exploder) But definitely get started
    By littlewoodg for Version 1.0.4
  • Amazing ★★★★★
    If I were only allowed to use one app, this would be it. Get it now. It is not only amazing, but also incredible. Highly recommended!
    By Ben Efitofadoubt for Version 1.0
  • Bloody Incredible! ★★★★★
    What just happened is right! After just, ha! 30 minutes...thought it was, like, 10. I have made the widest possible opposite sound types and textures with just playing with one preset. From a combustion engine with a bad rod to wicked screaming, melting steam like yells! I have just lost a couple day's productivity I can see that now. LOL If you like playing with sound, this is the app for it! Time for some audio fantasies now... Oh, almost forgot. I find Moebius Lab to be rock solid audio wise. With it already running and very busy, I started up AUM and created a session in it for Moebius Lap without a bit of, not even a hint of, audio artifacts!
    By Eriptron for Version 1.0


Moebius Lab is a multimorphic sound processor which contains a synth, a varispeed stereo sample player, 9 time domain effects, 6 spectral effects, 7 slots for external audio application, and nearly 200 LFOs that can modulate each parameter. You can move the effects along two chains, and get endless combinations of incredible sounds. ALL the App parameters can be modulated with dedicates LFO (one independent LFO for each parameter!). To get you started, you have more than 200 ready-mades presets. Each effect has an in-line help with an explanation of the parameters. The screen is divided into 3 horizontal areas: the top one contains the sound source (Sample player/External Input/Internal Synth), the middle one contains the Time Domain Effects Chain with four slots for external apps, the bottom one contains the Spectral Effects Chain. The two effect chains are connected in a sort of Moebius Ring: you can route the signal from the Time Domain Chain to the Spectral Chain and vice versa. You can even add up to 7 IAA effects and/or instruments, the number of possibilities is huge! *** LIST OF EFFECTS (NODES) *** - EXCITER The Exciter Node distorts the signal below (Saturation) or above (Excitation) a given frequency. - RINGER A ring modulator with distortion and feedback. - KLAMPER Clamps the signal with some special features. - SWARMER A “superchorus”, excellent to create super fat synth sounds (and more). It is composed by a chain of modulated delay lines. - FILTER The Filter node has two configurations: Dub: dual low-pass high-pass state variable filter with resonance and overlap factor. Morph: a triple low-pass/band-pass/high-pass state variable filter with resonance and continuous morphing between the filter types. - SPLITDEL A dual band delay with feedback. - REDUKTOR This node can be used to decimate and do other “bad things” to your signal. - SHIFTER A dual band frequency shifter. - REVERSO Plays the signal in reverse at regular rate. - BRICKWALL A spectral brickwall filter. - GRIP This node samples and holds spectral components of the incoming signal, based on their amplitude. - BLUR A (noisy) “spectral reverb”. The duration of the spectral components is prolonged (blurred). - DEGRADER A spectral decimator. - FLUTTER Flutter is a sort of animated brickwall. Two spectral sinusoidal LFOs define the frequency boundaries. The spectral components which are inside or outside (depending on the Spectral Balance) these boundaries are suppressed. - PLATEVERB…

Release Notes

+ Ready for iOS 15
+ iPhone UI fixed

App Details

  • Version 2.3.4
  • Created by Amazing Noises
  • Sold by ConTempoNet S.A.S. di Maurizio Refice & C.
  • Released on June 29, 2016
  • File Size: 28 MB
  • Price: $9.99


by Stuart Kilbride (Red Sky Lullaby)

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